Welcome to Legitsite.com!

Uh oh, I think this is about to be a bio page. Someone stop me before–too late.

Texas born, nowhere raised, California settled. Thanks to an upbringing in a military family, I’ve moved around a lot in my life, but I’m a Texas Gulf Coast native and most of my quirks (those of you that know them) are either hereditary or go back to those roots. All the same, I’ve never really been able to call a single place home except where I happen to be in my life, but at my stage in life now, that’s all changing.

Some of my friends that have known me for the longest time have said that I’m “Secretly Sixty.” Mind you, they don’t mean that in the hipster, owns a typewriter because it’s neat kind of way. More the, got broken parts, shakes his cane at kids that get too close to his house kind of way. Still, I’m all in all a gregarious person, at least in effort, and that’s a skill that I’m constantly working on.

Professionally speaking, I’m a computer guy, from everything between what’s in your hand that you’re reading this on to the servers the stuff is hosted on and the connective devices. I try to maintain a jack-of-all-trades approach to not only my professional life, but also my personal hobbies; I don’t just do one thing. At work you can find me under someone’s desk plugging cords in one minute, to standing up servers and network equipment as needed. At home, I play games, occasionally read, I sew, lift weights and distance run, and maintain this site!

And bringing it all together, I am a father to a strong and (sometimes too) smart toddler! She’s everything I’ve got in life, and every moment I’m without her, my life is that much less complete.

So what’s this site about anyway? Check out my motivation for building this here! Otherwise, welcome to Legitsite.com!