What does “private browsing” really do?

When trying to protect themselves online, most people immediately gravitate to the easy to access “Incognito Mode” or “Private Mode” that most Internet browsers provide by default. While this does provide some level of privacy, it’s important to understand just how much privacy you’re getting from “Private Browsing.”

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Securing Your Comunications – Understanding Electronic Communications

In order to properly secure your electronic communications, you first need a basic understanding of the path your text messages, for example, take to get from your fingers on the keyboard to your friends’ or family’s eyes. This won’t be an in-depth, technical explanation, as the architecture behind each service provider is different. This will, however, give you enough of a map to determine at which point you should be placing the protections on your communications.

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Securing Your Communications – Why?

The world is getting smaller, thanks to electronic communications methods. This is just a semi-technical way of referring to email, texting, group chat, or other app based messaging into one big group. While these means of communication have been incredibly useful in keeping in touch with friends and family from across the country or around the world, they have also had the consequence of exposing us to new risks.

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